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Thread: PDA Security (OneTouchPass)

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    Thumbs up PDA Security (OneTouchPass)

    Hey All,

    Was looking around the web (like usuall) when I came across this site:

    This site's slogan is: "The Picture Is The Password"

    The breakdown of how this works.

    Instead of using the PDA's bootup password, this program (kinda like a bootloader in mbr) pops up and gives you an image where you must pick a point in the image.

    You'd first think, "Well how hard is it to guess the point in the picture?"
    Well, there's a total of 400 possible points and you only get one shot.
    "One?" Yeah, 1. If an incorrect point is chosen, the program disables and drops to the PDA's usuall password entry (text). (If you turn on your PDA and you have the password prompt, you know someone was messing with your PDA)

    This little program also removes the ability for the bottom buttons to turn on the PDA, as well as two debug options that allow entry without passwords.

    It seems to be quite the little program.

    Figured I'd pass this along for those with a PDA

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    Nice, I'm looking for a nice PDA at the moment, but I think I'll save some more money and go with one of these http://www.handhelds.org/platforms.html

    run linux on it and never fear any kind of breakin attempts. . .

    although linux is usualy easier to break into when you have physical access !!
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    You can put Linux on the Palms as well....

    Here's a link to a tread he had about putting Linux on the Palms Tread

    Check out LinuxDA & uClinux

    There's also KPilot (KDE) which kinda puts a KDE Linux on your PDA

    Here's a link to various PDA & Linux programs
    (either applications for communication between the two or Linux apps on PDA, etc...)
    Mobilix.org - Linux

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