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    Tablet PC

    Hi guys

    I've been thinking to buy Tablet PC next month, any AO members using Tablet PC? There are few brands of Tablet PC on the market (damn ..marketing.. )and I haven't got decision yet what kind of brand of my Tablet PC will be.. So If you have one...please tell me information about your one and why you like it??

    Thanks in advanced for your information..I really appreciated
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    I've been playing around with a ViewSonic Tablet PC. I'm pretty happy with it, but, in my experience, it doesn't have much power, the screen is too small (most have 10.4" screens, a few have 12.1" screens) and they are too heavy. I like the ability to take notes upon it, but honestly, if you're going to spend that much money on a portable computer (since they are quite expensive), I would recommend just going with ultra portable laptop (I personally like my Dell Latitude X200 which is around 2.5 lbs. much better than the tablet PC. It's the same size, with more power and less weight).


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    Hi sweet angel, I don't have one yet since I'd rather get a regular laptop. However, this site I visit once in a while happen to review different brands of tablet pc, It's got some pictures and detailed info that may help in your decision.

    A sample taken from the site:

    Toshiba's tablet-PC solution is called the Portege 3500 and is a convertible notebook design. Convertible notebook systems involve a design similar to typical notebooks but fold around to convert to a tablet-PC. In the case of the Portege 3500, the system opens up like a notebook system and the system can be used in this configuration. However, rotate the screen...
    and the system folds back on itself to become at tablet.

    The unit is based on a Pentium III-M 1.33GHz processor and includes a 12" display, 128MB of memory, integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth, and 20-60GB hard drive. The surprising specification of the Portege 3500 is its size: the unit is no bigger than a typical thin-and-light notebook system but offers functionality that no thin-in-light alone can provide.
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    Cool Me Think

    I ll reComMend VieWsOnic V1110.m

    iTs 288x 252.5x28.5mm and 1.58kG.
    cPu : 866Mhz P111 mObilE
    20Gb hDD
    256mB sDrAM
    10.4tFT pAnel

    read about it at


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