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yeah it's real !!

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and for some more (dated) Microsoft fun....

"The best thing about Windows 95, of course, is the mountains of software designed specifically for it. There are programs to compress memory, recover a damaged registry, remove the heaps of unneeded files Windows accumulates, tune sluggish performance, and undo a few of the many problems that can occur when installing new software, to mention but a few. There is even software designed to intercept system faults to improve your chances of saving your work before you have to reboot."

NICHOLAS PETRELEY, Sr. Editor, InfoWorld
"The software empire that was built on a C:\ prompt, Microsoft has done for software what McDonald's did for the hamburger."

PC MAGAZINE, June 1997
"If you can't make it good, make it look good."

sounds like a prevision of windows XP... ohno wait win9x was a betterlooking win3x

"The reason we come up with new versions is not to fix bugs. It's absolutely not. It's the stupidest reason to buy a new version I ever heard."

"You think it's a conspiracy by the networks to put bad shows on TV. But the shows are bad because that's what people want. It's not like Windows users don't have any power. I think they are happy with Windows, and that's an incredibly depressing thought."

Indeed a scary thought...

"... I cannot call Microsoft an innovative company. Can you name a single category of product it created? DOS was originally QDOS, Xerox invented the idea of Windows, which Apple perfected, and you can go right on down the line. Microsoft buys or copies (poorly) technology from smaller companies. The smaller company is always killed after the deal. Microsoft's only innovation is in contracts that lock people into its products or let Microsoft use its technology. Bill Gates is from a family of high-powered corporate lawyers, not engineers."

JOE CELKO, Columnist, DBMS, September 1998
"In biology, if the members of a herd are too genetically similar, a single disease can wipe them out. Ditto with computer systems: as Microsoft becomes increasingly dominant, the users of its programs are open to weaknesses that they may not know exist -- until it is too late ... if nothing else, the problems of macro-viruses have shown the weakness inherent in Microsoft's dominance of both business software and home PCs."

CHARLES ARTHUR, The Independent (UK)
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