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Thread: Sony Flatpanel Plug Conversion

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    Question Sony Flatpanel Plug Conversion

    I've got a 15" Flatpanel monitor that came with my Sony Vaio Slimtop that has speakers along the sides. The plug is for both the Video and Audio -- it looks proprietary to me, but it may be some form of SCSI or FireWire (I'm not much of a hardware person). Is there anyway I could split those two feeds apart? I'd like to upgrade the system's video and sound cards to something that is better supported by Linux, but I'd really like to continue using the monitor and the speakers with it. There has got to be a way of simply cutting off the proprietary plug and attaching a standard video and audio plug, right? Anyone ever seen a tutorial for something like this? Google seemed pretty empty on the subject.
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    Just a suggestion here, not sure if they will have what you want, but they might be able to make it...


    Good Luck!!
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    Try hardware forums This site should be able to help you! Good luck.

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