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Thread: Boring Avatars gone forever...

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    Talking Boring Avatars gone forever...

    Dear AO community,

    As i look around and ruffle through countless post that have been put forward on AO, it has come to my attention (and i'm not mentioning any names ) that some people including myslef, have very boring avatars resembling themselves. i know that newbies cannot have custom avatars but when you get to that stage you want to have something original, and that goes for all the "older" AO members.

    so i took it upon myself, and mainly for myself, to look for some interesting avatars and i came across this really good site. it focuses on *.gif files and it has hundereds in its archives. albiet some of them are too large for AO but alot of them are really likeable.

    So, if you fancy yourself to get out and be adventurous and even live dangerously, why not get new avatar at AO.

    The website is http://www.animfactory.com/ and i dont mean to advertise this site or anything like that. i just though everyone might want a new look.


    Have a good christmas and a happy new year everyone.

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    Hey, it's very good. I will be able to change my little green lizard (again). Thanks Trust_Not_123, it was a good find.
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    /me likes his av

    i spent ages doing it in flash then exporting each individual frame and resizing


    well ok maybe not that long

    i agree sometimes a change is needed but alot of peps here are recognised by their av - so hopefully not to many will change or i'll get all confused >_<


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    How do you change the size.Most are to big .Those are really good though.

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    How do you change the size.Most are to big .
    Click on the image you want, and under the image, there will be a "show all sizes and backgrounds" link. Pick the BG style you want and choose "edit image" under the image. You will be taken to a GIFWorks web site where you can edit and resize the image.

    Hope this helps.

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    cool one trust_not ... although i love my camel
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    /me loves his avatar. :-D

    Kool find, nonetheless.

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    OK, as soon as i saw this thread i started to change my avatar at home and i have finished. So then i think i'm the first that has changed his avatar. Maybe some of you remember that i had a dark raider on a black horse before... OK, now i've got this brightening sword with my nick. I like the idea of changing avatars and hope to se more changes.


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    I neglected a custom avatar for a long time..., mainly because I couldn't think of anything interesting...

    But then I found a neat Jaguar Apple and a BSD Daemon..., and though MacOS X 10.2 (Jaguar) with a BSD core..., and one of my friends did the gif animation. So much better than just the Finder icon...


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    i liked your earlier one, dark raider
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