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Thread: Troubles with X

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    Troubles with X

    Hello, I am having some serious problems with installing either Mandrake 9 or redhat 8.
    I cannot get X to work. It will display my test settings correctly but when I restart it says I passed parameters and will prompt me to select a display setting. Then when I reconfigure X and attempt to start I get the promt "No Screen". I have tried setting after setting. Here are the specs.

    2033 megahertz Intel Pentium 4
    Board: Intel Corporation D845GRG AAA86577-202
    Intel(R) 82845G/GL Graphics Controller with i810 drivers

    BTW, I can get enlightenment to work fine. Thanks!
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    You've gotten Enlightenment to work WITHOUT X starting?? I'm deeply, deeply confused.......
    Do you have all the error messages??
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    mmmm that 's bizzare..for mandrake 9 or RH 8 ..you shouldn't have problem with your X..
    Can you explain bit more specific?
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    Try SuSE 8.1

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    There are 2 other threads concerning X configuration. One of them actually reported the same error if I'm not mistaken. Either way, these 2 threads are worth reading :

    Regards, and good luck.
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