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Thread: contact user feature !!

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    contact user feature !!

    well, i think there's something wrong with the following feature in the AP center:

    - contact user about this assignment

    why, coz' no one answers u back ,

    JP, i think we all been discussing this issue for a million times, but it just don't work,
    and coz' of abusing AP system from some users, i don't dare to post any more.

    and i don't think it would look civilized to start an AP war instead of enjoying the stay at AO.

    it could be an intruders or something just trying to F**K up the community of AO.

    thnx in advanced, if u gonna take a positive action !!

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    Bimmer, it's the user's option whether or not they contact you back about the AP assignment. I highly doubt JP will force anyone to reply back. If they do reply back, that could start a whole bunch of problems and can lead to AP Wars, flames in good threads, etc. This is JMHO, if JP want's to do it fine, I just don't think it would be the right thing to do.
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    been discussed, old topic. done deal.

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