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    cricket isn't my thing so can't comment on content... design wise, yeah it's good. You might want to consider adding an 'onMouseOut' event onto the javascript for the nav 'globe' thingy though... instead of keeping the link graphic visible. agree with everyone else, ditch frontpage... not every ISP supports frontpage extensions and it is much nicer coding by hand.

    As regards the text box and size of graphics... personally I would consider loosing the text box..... or at least making it wider - but that is personal preference. I suspect that you've only tried designing the site at one resolution? you may want to try more resolutions to see how things look. Have you also tested the site on more than one browser? Downloading Netscape and mozilla would be useful in this respect.
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    the attachment---->little thing you can use(it is a flash file you can edit and use as a flash version of your site)you might want to finish it, i did not have time to do it for you...

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    just when we're talking about the circle navigation thing...is it really neccesary??
    whats wrong with the good old side menu?
    compact practical and anyone who has the inteligence to switch on a comp can navigate using it - ok so its not very visually appealing but should that matter too much when it just comes to ur navigation? would leave you alot more space for main content in which u could include more stuff to mnake site look better....


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    well i thought the red circle looked a bit like a cricket ball so thats why i used it.
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    a lot of space wasted. good start but needs a little more work.

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    you might be interested.
    i didnt know what cricket was until one of my favorite sites explained it so vehemently.


    check it out if you have the time

    as for the site... a few things i might address

    1. make the header for the page a little more prominant. putting it down and to the right, its a little obscured. and will probably be the last thing people will look at.

    2. the scrollbar for that little bit of text is superfluous.

    3. the two different types of fonts in the scroll box is a little unsettling.

    4. i dont allow popup windows during browsing. i figure if they really want me to see it, they would let me see it in that window (or i open it in a new tab)

    5. try to maintain some consistency between the pages. lets em flow together a little easier.

    hope this helps a little. take em or leave em. its a good start.
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    I'd suggest getting rid of the iframe and just using a normal page, and stop internal links always opening in new windows. Also, the navigation isn't very obvious and there should be some text navigation for anyone who has JavaScript/images disabled and whilst the page is loading.

    There's nothing wrong with the content, in fact it's very well written (there were a lot of useful links if you're into cricket), it's just the design that needs tweaking slightly, IMHO.
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    good idea u have...
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