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Thread: Sugestions wanted (Win32 API programing)

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    Sugestions wanted (Win32 API programing)

    This is not a product review but I thought this was the best place to fit my inquiry. I am learning Win32 API programming with C and am wanting to know if anyone here has read any of these books, or simular books and can give me a recomendation on what to buy.

    I have done much searching here at Antionline and found some posts about Win32 API programing. I have also used google and have come up with some book names. I am looking for a good book on Win32 API programing with C or C++.

    I found some books that I am looking into:

    Programing Windows, The definitive guide to the Win32 API, by Charles Petzold.

    Programming Microsoft Visual C++ (but I dont know if this is what I realy want.)

    Programing Applications for Microsoft windows.

    These are all books I am looking into. I could problably get some sample chapters too, to make sure it is what I want.

    But my question is has anyone read any of these books or simular books and can you recomend a book for me to buy.
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    Get Petzold's book. You can't go wrong. Even though it's been published by MS, believe me, it's probably the best book on Win32 API programming out there.
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