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Thread: Honduras bans Vidio Games

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    Honduras bans Vidio Games

    Honduras bans Quake etc.

    It looks like the talk about vidio games producing bad effects is snowballing



    Honduras has issued a blanket ban on all violent videogames and toys, which is set to come into effect next June - giving retailers in the country a six month grace period to clear stocks of the games from their inventories. Among the banned games named are Resident Evil, Shadowman, Street Fighter, Turok, Perfect Dark, Quake and Doom.

    The move comes in reaction to rising levels of violent crime in the country, much of which is blamed on youth gangs known as "maras". Given that Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, with 53 per cent of the population living under the poverty line, we're really not sure how influential games and toys are in the criminal scene in the country.


    Better stock up on you violence this year
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    Man, that really sucks for those over in Honduras. The only thing that'll come of this is illegal importing of games. Why don't governments understand that banning something only makes the matters worse?? Thanks for posting Tedob.

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    I think this may make things worse in some ways. I mean in america there are alot of things like after school activities and youth groups which help kids and keeps them away from the things that go on. Without vid.games these kids will get bored and want to play outside.... and located outside is everything that hondusas wants their kids to avoid.

    I would rather have my kids play violent games and act out anger in some game & then afterwards have someone there to talk to when real violence happends rather then have my kids get bored then go 'exploreing' and learn from a stranger.

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    I think this is not fair, because as well as there are those that take video games too seriously, and commit crimes over them. There are also kids that video games help to keep out of trouble. When some kids see that when ever they go out side trouble comes to them, they try to find something that can help them stay inside. To most people, video games and computers are the 2 most important things that can help you stay inside, and enjoy yourself at the same time. Some people do seem to get a little out of control over video games, but for those that took it seriously, and couldn't go a whole day without playing them, you now have a problem. Like jehnny said, this will only bring illegal iporting of video games. These kids will now do anything to get their hands on those video games, and that will multiply this situation by 2. -Ebo

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