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Thread: advice please

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    advice please

    Hey everybody!!! <reply>(Hey Dr. Nick)</reply>

    My question is for those who are lucky enough to be in the security industry. i want to get into the network security field how would i get there. Right now i am an entry level programmer/network admin/tech. Would certifications help? If so, what would be some good certifications? It seems that for all security certifications you need experience which i dont have. Has anyone taken the Network+ or the new Security+ exams from CompTIA? I'm thinking those would be a good start.

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    i think i answered a questionl like this a few hours ago, oh well, im in a playful mood, anyway, first, congrats!
    ok, first, antionline has a security certs and degree page (a page for certs and a page for degrees) there both here:


    id say go check those out first, and, learn as much as you can about networking AND programming, in my opinion, if your good at networking and programming, you can do security, because network security is a part of it, but knowing the OS is to so programming can help you out to
    as i said though check out those sites and have a great time. Good luck.

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