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Thread: Nokia and Palm

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    Nokia and Palm

    Im the lucky owner of a IBM C3 Palm, i had it for a couple of years now and just got a Nokia 6210 with IR.. now i know there is a freeware program for palm that allows me to beam logo´s and ringtones to my nokia but i cant remember the name of the program.. does anyone know it ??

    I used many hours on google trying to find it..
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    Sorry if this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but anyway:

    GFX2Nokia - Freeware Logo Program

    Nokia Downloads - mywirelesspalm.com

    This second page has a heap of freeware programs which you can use to upload ringtones/logos from your Palm to your Nokia.

    Although you're looking for freeware programs, it seems that a couple of commercial programs (MonkeyLogo and MonkeyTone) are the best programs for this sort of thing. Whilst they are shareware programs, you can download them from the Primate Systems website at this page and test them out. These trial downloads are crippled, however, so a freeware program is probably the best long-term solution to your problem.

    Good Luck

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    THANKS Alot

    The GFX2Nokia link dident work, but the mywirelesspalm.com did..
    This is just what i needed.. Woohoo
    *Jumps around in joy*
    Missing em ol BBS' days!
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