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    strange thing!today after i deleted one of my posts i became a jr member then after that
    the number of posts i had decreased to 56(from 82) and i became a newbie again!
    what is going on here?
    (when i search for all posts i had it shows 84 posts)

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    There have been problems with post counts in the past, and it seems they still exist. Although this is probably the most notable example of a post count decrease (26 posts). You might want to pm JP and see if he can change it manually since it is such a large difference.

    My posts do not count!

    There were some links I posted in that thread that may be able to help you out:

    Post number decrasing again
    Post count
    Deleting/editing messages

    Good luck fixing your post count

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    yeah, u r right man, i doubled checked that :

    black death posts

    anyway , u better PM JP as powertoad5000 told u to.

    on the other hand, good it wasn't ur + APs


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