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    Adobe E-Book hacking trial

    This story keeps on popping up..

    And with the trial so near completion, I'd like to discuss what you think about this..

    from this article

    SAN JOSE, Calif.--A Russian software executive sought to deflect accusations against his company Tuesday, in a closely watched criminal hacking trial that legal experts said appeared to leave little room for effective defensive maneuvers.

    . . .

    However, Katalov testified that he never believed the software contravened the law. "I still believe this program is legal," Katalov said, in response to questioning by ElcomSoft attorney Joseph Burton.
    I completly agree with Katalov and Sklyarov on this one..
    They do not deserve to be punished for finding leaks in Adobe's software...

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    Agreed. They souldn't be punished for Adobe's goof-up. When will corporates learn that they can't win by antagonising the community. The best approach is to work with the community and come out with a more secure software.
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    the question, to me at least, is does adobe have the right to make a format that can only be viewed using their software. If the answer is yes, then whats to keep companys like ms from doing the same thing. If xls files could only be viewed in ms-excell, or word docs in ms-word, star office wouldn't stand a chance. nor would anyone else for that matter. it would be nice to see the existing law overturned with a decision, but i think this is just going to harden them.

    Where this russian company went wrong was to make a product that could only be used with another companys format. if they had their own format and said it was also compatable with adobe ebooks they might stand a chance. Of course if they used adobe's code instead of writing their own, to make money, then they deserve to get whatever they get.
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