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Thread: Mozilla or Internet Explorer???

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    Mozilla or Internet Explorer???


    For those of you that had or are using both, which of them do you prefer and why?

    You can talk about Netscape, America Online's, etc. if you think are better or equal.

    It is said that being Mozilla an open source, they can change and correct any bug and whatever they want any time and really faster than any other browser, so in a few time it can and will be a very powerful browser.

    What do you think?


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    Well i use IE at work and Mozilla at home and ive gotta say give me Mozilla any day.
    Heres a site that has done all the comparisons for you


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    "Well i use IE at work and Mozilla at home and ive gotta say give me Mozilla any day"
    Im exactly the opposite. Im lucky enough to use linux in work (the kids want win98 at home) & I think mozilla is kak I use opera on my linux box and its not that great either. Im no fan of MS but I beleive IE is easily the best browser.

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    "Well i use IE at work and Mozilla at home and ive gotta say give me Mozilla any day. "

    I absoultly agree!

    Though if are using IE it can take some time to understand Mozilla (2 minutes or so...;0)
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    I use Both IE and Mozilla (don't ask why?)

    I find that IE is faster (obviously, it's like always loaded in memory?)

    Mozilla has a lot more neat/cool/useful toys, it's free, and fun. It's Open Source- that's always cool! It still has bugs (but i've never seen one)- and they are improving it all the time with constant updates, etc...

    I guess (never thuoght about it before) i like Mozilla much better...
    Thanks for making me think about it Dark Raider :-)

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    Konqueror baby !!!
    KDE rules !!

    Konqueror used to have some problems with the Quotes on antionline (they turned blue with blue text) but since a couple of updates that's all sorted now !!
    Konqueror does all I need and more..

    It even has an intergrated CVS ( I use @ SourceForge ) client ( cervesia ) wich is realy realy usefull...

    and Opera when I'm on windows..
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    i'm a mozilla user. tabbed browsing. can't beat it. you dont have to open a new window (which takes up more memory) to open a new webpage.

    tampabay420> if you use quick launch (setting you can either set on install or in preferences/advanced and it resides in the task bar and click to open. very fast.

    i'm going to give pheonix a try here soon.

    opera is nice and light. not bad.
    ie i think is rather heavy and wrought with issues and security holes.
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    I use my IE most, thoug im also using Opera on my Windows and Linux System..
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    Mozilla. I only use IE for WindowsUpdate and Hotmail. After I started using Mozilla, I feel so stranded if I'm stuck on a machine with no tabbed browsing!
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    I use Mozilla and agree with all the above. The tabbed browsing is great. IE is still here on this machine but I haven't used it since switching.

    I tried Opera but had problems with it freezing, and really slowing down after a month. There's a new version 7 that I might take a look at in a while, after they fix a few bugs.

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