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    Well guys, i know how it can be hard trying to find drivers for things and well, i was looking for a driver for my NIC so itll run in Linux and stuff to, and i found this website. Its got alota drivers and i thought id share this with you for anyone maybe looking for drivers or what not.
    you gotta sign up (downside) but they have lotsa drivers (upside) and its free. im still looking for the driver for mine lol, theres a bunch to go threw.

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    yeah that website helps with drivers but if you want to have your NIC (by the way what kind are you using?) running under linux u better start checking HCL (Hardware compatibility list) and also linux don't use drivers it uses modules
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    The sign up thing is nothing but a simple place to input your email address for spam.
    I know this because I know the user name and password to this site has been the same since a few years ago, and its no big deal.
    It is free, and I dont agree with their policy, but Im not gonna give the username and password out as its not my place... just stating what I think of it.

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    I don't know if you all you white hats will appreciate this but the loginassword for driversguide.com is drivers:all. Don't sign up as they just send a lot of junk to your account.
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    Another password for driverforum.com..........username=temp..............password=512.
    Another site I find usefull is pcdrivers.com=no password required.
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