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Thread: Rate my site

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    Question Rate my site

    I just finished my design and would like some feedback on it

    My Site

    The Site DONT work yet.. its the design i want feedback on =)

    Thx in advance
    Missing em ol BBS' days!
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    I clicked that, then clicked the banner and the Page Isn't Found. First suggestion: Fix Links
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    Thanks.. now i fixed it.. lol
    Try again..
    Missing em ol BBS' days!
    Virtus - Splashgame.org

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    Can get past the banner now, but almost every link I click results in a page not found.

    All the links except for 2 appear to be to http:///
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    Magoon > its only a test drive... its the design and not the functionality of the site.. hehe =)
    Missing em ol BBS' days!
    Virtus - Splashgame.org

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    Lacks a bit of direction. The bigining was very cool and had a nice pic but it didn't have a welcomeing sign just a pic and a hit chart. When I clicked one of the other links I got bad 404 and othertimes I had to press the back button to close it. Not bad though.

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    I can't read german. lol
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    Something's wrong with the frames. When I click on a link, all kinds of weirdness happens. Did you check the links' target?

    The site is different. That's a good thing, I suppose.

    Good luck!

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    can not decrypt the text but i liked anyway!

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    Like a littlebitnumb said, you haven't correctly set your target tags for the frames....

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