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Thread: Just some great technology quotes

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    Just some great technology quotes

    I found a great site with some good (some lengthy) quotes. Some are funny, some are eye opening. I posted a few here, the rest can be found at the link I provided.

    Microsoft has given this vulnerability a maximum severity rating of moderate. Great, so arbitrary command execution, local file reading and complete system compromise is now only moderately severe, according to Microsoft.
    --Thor Larholm

    We forced everyone to go to Macs for the desktops. The support load dropped to almost nothing and the only complaints were from people who couldn't play games on their machines any longer. So sorry, no games at work. We are so mean
    --Doug Humphrey, CEO Cidera

    We're forced into a position where we're either out of compliance with Microsoft's licensing, which is not acceptable, or we're out of compliance with the law, which is not acceptable either. Under these circumstances, we'll probably change our operating system
    --Lester Warby, CIO, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union

    I'm not proud. We really haven't done everything we could to protect our customers ... Our products just aren't engineered for security.
    --Brian Valentine, Senior Vice President, Microsoft

    Don't buy computers from Dell, go to Wal-Mart and buy them. You'll get just as much technical support.
    --Scott McNealy

    These are just a few, again, some are quite lengthy. hope you enjoy

    Full site addy Here:
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    Second and Last ones are great!

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    Dude, those were hilarious. Thanks for shar'n your 'stuff'.
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