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Thread: Google's new features!

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    Google's new features!

    I know everybody here uses google and wanted to point out that they have new features!

    Originally posted on slashdot.org
    Google labs just released for your pleasure, some new toys to play with.

    The first is Google's Viewer , just type a few words to see a fully working preview of the web site.

    Another new idea: Google's Webquotes , View search results with quotes about them from other sites, and the last one is Google's Froogle , which aims to be the world's largest catalog.
    I just have to say that google is my favorite search engine. They have so many cool features that you can't find anywhere else. I use the toolbar all the time

    The google FAQ is very helpful to those new to it.

    I can't forget to mention the tutorials posted here by mariu who has been since banned.

    And the tutorial here posted by faqt

    Anywho, enjoy the new toys.
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    It's a gas!
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    Google never ceases to amaze me.
    Where would we be without our friendly, fast, funky search engine GOOGLE!

    That new feature Google Viewer, is class, to say the least!

    Sorry for the rant, just very impressed.



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    I perfer dogpile. It gets results from all of the engins. Including Google I think.
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    Teoma does a nice job.
    It has a simple interface and also a toolbar.

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