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Thread: What's AntiOnline for you?, really...

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    What's AntiOnline for you?, really...


    What is AntiOnline for you?, really...

    For me, and have less than a month as member of it, is like an every day doing. I have put 24 hs. connection to Internet since two months ago and, i don't know why, it's the first time that this happen to me. I mean i really want to visit AO every time i come back home from work, from doing sports, or just from being with friends or my girlfriend, at least for a minute. I'd like the opinion of all of you, from newbies to older members, but for older members i'd like you to tell me what are you feeling now when many months have passed for you in AO, did you get bored or are you still excited of learning and helping new people that come to AO every new day?


    Note: Now, some friends of mine are getting really interested in AO every time they see me online and read the many "incredible" different threads posted here.

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    Antionline has had a strange effect on me. I usually never hang around a site for very long but for some reason i have to check the site when i get up in the morning, get back from school and before i go to sleep. Most sites i only visit when i need something, AO is the first site that i go to all the time because i truly enjoy it.....thats just me i reckon... -dublix

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    I have visited a number of message boards in the past and was always disatisfied with the overall level of conversation. AO consistantly has topics that are discussed intelligently and with passion.

    I work all day long with people that don't have a clue and it refreshing to be able to stop in and communicate with people that not only have a clue, but disect it, analyze it, and discuss it.

    Most message boards are over run by the skiddies which makes it difficult to find any good information. Here they are not tolerated and the discussion is much more valuable because there is less BS to wade through to find it.

    I only wish that I had signed up sooner than I had.
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    AntiOnline has taught me a lot about computers, and helped keep my interested in them, even when the rest of my life was unsure and shaky. It realy does develop a feeling of community, because there is always someone around to talk to, either on the forums or in IRC.
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    Well! I have to say being a newbie here, my intrest is still at full peek. I have learned a lot since becoming a member. While there are many sites like this, this was the first one I joined. While I dont know anyone on here personally, they are friendly for the most part, of course there are a fews exceptions. Hey even in life we have to take the good with the bad, sometimes it help's keep a balance. If everyting was always positive, it would get boing quite fast. I am constantly intrigued by the folks here and there willingness to help. However they dont necessarily just give you the answers right out for the most part. They help you find things for yourself. So for me that is quite stimulating for me to use all the resoureces here. I actually feel like im learning and helping myself. I learn about stuff that im not even searching for but catches my eye. AO and the people here have made me feel like a friend or part of a family and I like that aspect of it as well. Kudo's! to AO and the folks here!

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    AO means a lot to me. I found this site shortly after I got into the security industry, and it's been an immense help since then. I am thankful to have such a great resource. I have learned so much, and I've even been able to help quite a few people. It makes me feel useful to know that I was able to give back to the AO community. I am definitely still excited about learning from the experts here (even if the site is being sold). :P

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    It's an addiction, a hunger that gnaws at your bones and produces cravings heretofor unknown to mankind.....and it feels gooooood to get your daily dose!

    <EDIT> From comments: " I don't think he was looking for that type of answer he was actully serious. Sry lad"

    Well if thats not the answer he's looking for, he never should have asked the question. I said what I feel about this place. When my a** hits my desk, AO comes up on my screen...SERIOUSLY. If theres a problem with how I express what AO means to me, it's your problem, not mine. Who the hell ARE you to judge how I feel anyway?
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    i don't really ever post here... in fact this is my first one...

    but i enjoy reading everything on the site, it's a wealth of knowledge. maybe i feel i should learn a lot more before getting in discussions with some of the people here, who knows.

    but i haven't seen many sites like this one, where there is SOOO much information, and if they don't have it there is probably a link posted to somewhere that does. it's nice.

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    Here on AO you can actually have great conversations. Most (if not all other) forums are full of people who just like to see and cause drama. Here I can actually learn something! I don't have to dig through hundreds or thousands of threads of drama and flames to find something worthwhile. It's all good reading here!

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    Well ive been around for quite a while here at AO... you dont see me much on the boards, im mostly in the IRC (nick Liran), AO is a really cool website, mostly because of some of the members and how close I have gotten to them especially over IRC.

    But truth being, i dont think it will be the same if JP sells... but i guess we will just have to wait and see.

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