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Thread: Aol To Block Popups?

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    Aol To Block Popups?

    Are you an AOL user who hates their popups? Looks like they solved the problem of blocking them for you!
    Their new version of Netscape (7.01) aims to kill the popups.

    I was an AOL user for about a year (because they gave it to me and I have long since switched to broadband) and on of the things that annoyed me the most was their stupid popups. The article is unclear if it will actually block the popups on aol, but it will at least kill the ones on the net.

    Found here on news.com
    New Netscape punctures pop-up ads

    By Paul Festa
    Staff Writer, CNET News.com
    December 13, 2002, 4:00 AM PT

    Read more about pop-ups

    AOL Time Warner has released a version of its Netscape browser that lets Web surfers suppress pop-up ads, a further sign of declining fortunes for a widely hated marketing format.
    The new pop-up-stopping Netscape 7.01 was released Tuesday, offering a belated compromise for Web surfers increasingly buffeted by intrusive advertising.

    Netscape's decision to offer pop-up blocking comes as the advertising unit finds itself under siege by irate Web surfers and Web properties increasingly nervous about the format's use--particularly America Online.
    I for one am very surpirsed that AOL would do such a thing. They are always throwing advertisements at their users and it generates a huge amount of proft for them. I have read elsewhere that AOL wasn't doing so well since broadband's popularity has increased so drastically. So, why are they shooting themselves in the foot?
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    Now if only there was a way to block those AOL cd's they send in the mail.
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    well, guys, i said this in the other thread too, that Netscape's newer versions are wonderful to use and lots of resources. But i still find one bug, Autocomplete is missing.
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    here is something neat to do with those aol cd's........


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    cwk9 the DVD's they send now thro mail rock
    they're free and all u do is dump all the aol stuff...cd sleeve etc and woohoo blank DVD case
    cheaper than buying them


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    AOL has always had a means of blocking their pop-ups, the AOL "members only" pop-ups can be disabled under setting==>preferances==>pop-ups

    I don't imagine the new system will be much differant except non-aol pop-ups will be blocked by default. That dosn't affect their revenue at all. With all new browersers having this feature it would cost them more to get rid of it.

    I liked the tins version 7 came in. they are nice to transport or send CD's in.
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    It will be really nice if they can find a way of stopping spam, other than going on Televison celebrating that they did, but deep down they didn't.

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