This sounds cool. At least for the admins... sucks to be the employee...

Tech Sniffs Employee Offenders By Michelle Delio
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02:00 AM Dec. 13, 2002 PT

NEW YORK -- There are no bodies, bones or blood to analyze. No pondering over a piece of decaying evidence that was once part of a human being.

But the forensics software on display at this year's Infosecurity 2002 tradeshow is enough to spook corporate employees everywhere.

Computer forensics applications are typically used to investigate computer crimes and to preserve digital evidence so it's usable in court. But these applications aren't just for law enforcement officials anymore. Computer forensics software is helping stop corporate crime before it happens.
What do the members of AO think about employers monitoring their employees?

Personally, if it was me, I'd feel violated. Only becuase if they hired me, they should trust me. I think I should only be monitored if they have "reasonable doubt". My company uses software to monitor the usage of the internet and to "watch for malicious activities".
Since I'm too damn busy at work to abuse the privledge of having the internet and the "toys" that I have, I don't have anything to worry about.
But what about the employee who has too much free time at work and has access to the internet? I don't think that because the company can't keep them busy enough is a good reason to find out what recipie they are going to follow for tonights dinner...