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Thread: netopia router

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    Unhappy netopia router

    Hey i just got a used netopia r2020 router. its a great router with cool features. those features are pretty much useless to me becuase i don't know the password to change the config to it. i was wondering if any body knows how to do password recovery for it?

    i tried calling the tech support but they want to charge me more then i payed for the router for them to do it!

    if any body knows any thing please let me know

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    ask the person you bought it from.
    Mike Reilly

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    Talking Re: netopia router

    See the router instruction.you can change the password to use superterminal.maybe

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    See the utilities and diagnostics section of this manual.

    If will probably have to use the console port to get into it though.

    Another thing... if it won't let you even get to it... it says use the reset switch...

    I don't know if these instructions will apply to your router... but it is worth a try.

    Hope I was of some help.
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