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    Useful hints for web authors.


    I found these "useful hints" at http://www.uoregon.edu/~cbell/contou...pub/hints.html that are really interesting to know and learn when making a website, more to those of you that have your own personal websites. Although there are only a few hints i think they are really the exact, useful and important ones. You can find more info in the link above.


    Use good style

    Every web page should be "signed and dated." That is, it should indicate who is responsible, how to contact that person, and a date showing when the page was last updated.
    Image tags should always include the ALT attribute.
    Provide navigational cues and context so that users can easily return to your home page or other reference points.
    Check links frequently to make sure they are still active. The web changes frequently as pages are relocated or removed.

    Know the law

    Respect copyright. Unless you know for sure that something is in the public domain, you must always ask for permission before using someone else's content.
    It is acceptable to borrow ideas on HTML coding from other web sites, but you should not copy the entire structure of a web site without permission and acknowledgement. (Note: you can view the source of any HTML document from the Edit or View menu in your browser.)
    Do not violate other intellectual property rights (trademark and patent rights).
    In short, if someone else created it, don't use it unless the author gives you permission to use it or you know for certain that you have the right to use it.

    Keep it simple

    Emphasize content over form.
    Graphics and multimedia are nice, but remember that such elements add to the time it takes for users to download your page. Only use graphics and other multimedia when they contribute to the content or usability of your page.
    Always test your documents with different browsers and computers. What looks good with one configuration may look horrid with another.
    Remember that advanced techniques such as scripting, Java applets and style sheets may work only with the latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Follow the principle of graceful degradation, which meants that if you are going to use advanced technologies, make sure that your document at least displays acceptably in older browsers that cannot interpret the cutting edge features.

    Make a commitment

    Quality pages require continuous updating and revision. Unless you are doing this strictly as a learning exercise, you should plan to spend several hours each week maintaining your site.
    Learning HTML is an ongoing process. There is a great deal more to know that what we have taught here. Standards are evolving and new technologies are constantly being implemented. Spend some time studying other web pages to get ideas and read to keep up with the technology.

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    Yeah.... these were really "usefull hints". You should paste... uuhhmm check out www.webmasterbase.com sometimes, or www.sitepoint.com, www.w3schools.com, www.w3c.org

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    A hint to add, for those webmasters needing / wanting their pages in front of lots of eyeballs:
    Use a search engine submission service to register your site with lots of search engines. It has been my best-spent online advertising money. People wanting to buy or wanting to read up on your product or your product niche WILL do a web search on it. Be listed at the top of that search!

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    These aren't really technical hints, but they help if you're just starting off. You're intent was good, and the law part is good, but in reality we all know that anyone who knows how to design a website most likely understands copyright law. But that's just me.

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    I found this email TOS here
    thought it might be interesting..

    Unsolicited Bulk Email Senders, Please Note My "@roblimo.com" Terms of Service (ToS):

    Much though I love receiving unsolicited bulk email, I am now so overwhelmed by the number of people who want me to look at their bulk email offerings that I am forced to charge $50 for each unsolicited bulk email I receive, plus an additional $50 fee per email for HTML or attachments, charged on your behalf to your ISP if you do not pay within 30 days or, in the case of non-US companies or individuals, to your country's US embassy. I also charge $50 for testing your "unsubscribe" utility, which is a great bargain since so few of them work, and I know you want yours to operate properly.

    Please don't claim I "opted in" or "subscribed" to your bulk email. I didn't, and don't try to claim I did, because we both know you're lying. If you bought an "opt in" list with my email address on it, you got cheated. No one has permission to sell my personal information. Indeed, if you sell/sold any of my personal information, including my email address, as part of a contact database without my written permission, you must pay me a $5 royalty per copy sold, minimum $500, and you should inform any email list vendor who sold you my contact information that they owe me money, too.

    If you cannot abide by these Terms of Service, or you feel my fees are unfair, do not send me unsolicited bulk email or sell my personal information. That's simple enough, isn't it?

    Take care,

    - Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

    PS- If you are a spam victim (aren't we all?) please feel free to use or modify my bulk email ToS in any way you like.
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