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Thread: Koreans monitoring users

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    Koreans monitoring users

    I have a feelin I already know the answer to this but I thought i'd run it by you guys. I am an american living in Korea and have a DSL line. I just recently put up a firewall and have been getting 5 or 6 attacks from the local DSL node. They are almost always Netbus trojan horse attacks. I know for a fact that the korean gov't monitors foreigners here. My question is this, if someone at the ISP is wanting to monitor me is there anything I can do to protect myself? Are there any other measures I can use besides a firewall/antivirus and The Cleaner? Thanks for the help.

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    If your ISP wants to monitor your traffic, you are out of luck.
    Everything passes through their server. They own you.

    Likewise, if, under local law, they are required to allow government to monitor your traffic, they can.

    They might not be able to crack encrypted stuff, but would be aware of the fact that you are sending encrypted transmissions.
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    Counter measures could include secure ssh connections to proxies outside the country. That should be very reasonable, until they redirect the host on their DNS to their server ...

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    What are you calling NetBus attacks? Most personal FWs will report any traffic to a well known trojan port a being an "attack" by that trojan. Most of the time these are just Kiddies scanning a wide range of ip addresses looking for a listening netbus server. we all get them all the time. these shouldnt be taken personally, especially if you've scanned your system and are sure it's clean. I sincerly doubt any ISP, even Korean would not use NetBus to monitor its users.

    Face it though, were all in apt to be monitered but your in a position to be sure you are.
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    Dude, all i'm going to say is get the hell out of Korea.
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    You are being monitored, bet on it, accept it, and you'll be OK.

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