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Thread: Frags, sodas, & rock'n roll

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    Frags, sodas, & rock'n roll

    What is absolutely needed in a LAN party?
    PCs, players, and..... sodas!

    Look the semi serious but totally laughing ultimate test about Sodas war: http://www.envynews.com/feature.php?ID=172&page=1

    Made by fraggers for fraggers.
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    Thats kind of funny because just yesterday I set up xbox live like you probally read in my other post.It is so addicting I stayed up until 1:00 am playing.The only thing that kept me up was starburst and mountain dew.Oh and by the way I was playing unreal championship.The headset makes all the difference.I am usually a computer gamer but know that I have the headset it has converted me to xbox.The games can be played with alot of strategy instead of typing which almost nobody reads you can talk to the players.Its great.

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    The noise might get annoying when your trying to talk to some of your pals. Might I suggest a few mic/headsets on rodger wilco chat? That way you have good sound pluse you can still here everyone else.

    As for drinks... I don't drink sodas. Things like coke make you go to the bathroom alot. And the last thing you want in games like quake is to go to the bathroom and have some guy chatfrag you in the middle of the game.

    HEHEHEHE I used to play quake off of a DreamCast intil sega.net went POOF and my DC broke. Nearly 2 years later im still playing with my clan only on PC.

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    To add on to The Specialist's comment of Roger Wilco. I was in a clan for Medal of Honor Allied Assault(MOHAA) and that's is what we used. I have an Xbox and have yet to buy Xbox live. I've heard that Xbox live is extremely awesome, however there are far more PC games that you can play online with either MSN gaming, or more popular Gamespy Arcade....and Roger Wilco worked perfectly for that kind of gaming. But, I figure that both headsets have the same compatibilites and are equal to the same degree
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    Well, to be fair, computers have had headsets for far longer than consoles have had them And MANY multiplayer games support voice via either integrated or third party solutions.
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