Attached is a cool poster. I found this here , and it would be a nice conversation piece, if not just a cool poster.

It is a map of the internet from 2002.

Cool image. But what am I looking at?:
It's a graph of how the Internet might look if you were a packet of data like an e-mail message. The lines show the paths you might take, network-by-network, if you started at a computer in the U.S. and visited almost every known network around the world. The lines branch at each network switch or router along the way.

How was the graph created?:
The latest graph was made by recording the shortest path taken by test messages sent on January 1, 2002, from a computer in Somerset, New Jersey, to each of the 177,017 odd networks registered in the routing databases kept by Merit Network Inc and other authoritative sources. The data were then graphed using special software developed by Hal Burch, while a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University, and Bill Cheswick, while a scientist with an affiliate of Lucent Technologies. Their research into large-scale network mapping is now being applied commercially by Lumeta Corporation.
Read more about it here. There are several more images like the one attached, but you can see them better than this one.