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Thread: Bandwidth Usage Monitor Software

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    Bandwidth Usage Monitor Software

    I'm looking for a bandwidth usage monitor for my w2k colocation server.

    I don't believe on the bandwidth usage figures provided by my ISP.

    Do anyone have any tips or pointers?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
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    First add SNMP Service to your W2K Server (right-click My Network Places, select Properties and click Add Network Component). Then install mrtg (www.mrtg.org) and monitor your W2K interfaces.

    Note: You can also monitor your ISP router's bandwith usage IF they allow (public, read-only) SNMP access to their router.

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    Thanks jdenny.

    I don't have SNMP Service running on my server and to install it I need to go to my colo center or ask one of their technicians to install it for me and be charged £150.00 for it.

    I have downloaded a few trials software within my budget but none of them seems to be perfect for me there are advantages and disadvantages.

    Bandwidth Monitor from http://www.idyle.com/download/index.html </a> : Good but I can only monitor on Interface and have two Nics

    NetGrid from http://www.computersmarts.net/products/netgrid/ Very good but I canít full test it on trial version.

    ItCan.Net Monitor from http://itcan.programmer.nl/ Very good but only show bandwidth usage in real time.

    If anyone can add any other bandwidth usage tool to this list Iíd very much appreciate.

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