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    Post Building Reverse SSL Proxy Server

    This tutorial would probably fall under an advanced category in that it assumes you know how to use things like gcc, build a normal web server (although it does walk you through this), and are familiar with a unix platform and somewhat familiar with apache. I had to build one of these recently and while there is some documentation on how to do this for normal HTTP traffic, the documentation for SSL was pretty sparse (well really, non-existant or I had no luck finding it). Opinions on how the server was setup or other security notes are welcome (I like to learn and hopefully some of you will pick up on some of the lessons I had to learn).

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    Now that's what I call a tutorial

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    Thanks for taht very good level of information.

    Just note that a snort user guide (www.snort.org) describe a way to have probe sending logs to a centralized station secured with SSL & apache. :-)
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