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Thread: Man Trouble (Man Pages)

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    Man Trouble (Man Pages)

    Ok my last post was about CGI not working. I am trying to make man pages avalibe on my site. I found a php script that does it and it works fine exept some things arent displayed properly. I put the script on another server and it displays fine.

    With that said I thought it might have been the man pages so i reinstalled them. Same results
    I am now thinking it is a font problem and installed a few different fonts but still no luck.

    Does anyone know what font needs to be installed for the man pages to display correctly.
    I am not trying to promote the site (why would I theres nothing there yet anyways) but if you want to see what I mean go to www.brytechsolutions.net/test.php and then do a search for cron.

    alot of the things are black dots with a 5 in the middle or all these squigilly characters.

    Also just to mention its not the script because from a shell if i do man cron it looks the same way

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    I once did man cron > cron.txt when I went to open the file I discovered that it was filled w/numerous special chars and not easisly human readable. I went to the trouble of writing a C program to remove the special chars. It turns out that was a waste of time all I had to do was send to the printer using the lpr command (it printed fine). Maybe you need a way to intrepurt (sp?) the special chars as formating -not sure how easy this would be to do. Hope that helps some. Writing the C program was pretty easy -but I no longer have the source.

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    I found that from a shell if I do LANG=en_US man cron it looks perfectly. I am now looking for instructions on how to make en_US the default from a shell as I am not at pc now

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