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Thread: Microsoft SAM file.

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    Microsoft SAM file.

    Ever wondered how to get Windows passwords? Well in that case this might be of interest to you.
    Using Pwdump2 (from http://www.atstake.com/research/lc/download.html) extract the SAM file from %systemroot%\system32\config (howto do this is explained in the readme.html).
    Then Import this into L0phtCrack (also from http://www.atstake.com/research/lc/download.html) and follow the simple step in cracking M$ "secured" user account passwords.
    I laugh everytime I hear M$ tell us how secure their WinXP system is. It's a joke.

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    Not going to hand out points on this one but want to point out a few things.
    1. You have to have Admin privliages for this thing to work, granted there maybe a few not so secure IIS systems out there.
    2. Seems it has problems with PPP and firewalls most corp systems use both most are not MS proxy server.
    3. Usually for security reasons I've never kept a history of the SAM file, and just because the default says it is in that place doesn't mean it has to be kept there LOL.

    4. Most firewalls have all ports closed and a quick check tells me this thing is on any of my systems I will get a bright RED line on it's activities.

    My be fun for cracking cable connects of NT/2000 of lame users and thats about it. Sure M$ screws up all the time but a good firewall usually blocks and logs programs like this and where the attempt came from. I'd test it on a stand alone network, no great step in computing here.
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