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Thread: Windows Messanger flooder

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    Windows Messanger flooder

    Hey guys,
    My cousin called me asking for help, and I couldn't help him. Now I feel bad. He recently switched ISPs and got cable. He told me he when he'd come home from work, he'd have a bunch of pop ups. I figured that this was maybe from an Interner Explorer browser, Kazaa, MSN, AIM, or some other messanger service. He said that he keeps all that stuff closed though. So I asked him to attach a picture of it, which I will attach to this thread.

    First of all, he made it monochrome to make the file size smaller. Also, I blacked out his IP address for his protection. It looks like a dialog box (one of those that you can't click out of.) I remember reading about an exploit where you could send a user on a network like, a million of these things and either 1) DoS them, or 2) keep them clicking forever. I tried finding the exploit again, but with no luck.

    I don't know if this message is send by another user on his ISP, or just by some dude with a IP spammer, but he wants to somehow stop these. Is there a program, or some configuration he could make so he won't get these anymore? I use Windows 98, so I don't have that Windows Message problem, and I don't really know how to take care of it either.

    Thanks for any and all help.


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    It seems that there has been a lot of this going on lately. Damn spammers!
    He probably gets more than the rest of us becuase he is on a huge LAN...

    anyhow, check out this thread or this tutorial.

    There is much more material about this subject, so you may want to search google.com
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    Yeah I think you can connect and then netsend some MSN port and those messages appear. Usually if there is a IP left behind then its just some normal spam. However I have had non-spammer peaple send me funny messages that way. It doesn't matter what programs you open or close because its the ports that these programs use that you gotta worry about. Secure your box....

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    The picture is not showing up, so I can not be for sure. It sounds like window messenger. Just go into the windows component and remove the windows messenger.

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    Closing the windows messenger wouldn't be a great idea. Windows Messenger, from memory is what starts up various drivers and stuff, so closing this down would not be a great idea (it can have some bad effects on your PC)
    I advise setting up a packet sniffer, so that you can see exactly what's coming in and where it's coming from (which would mean you could do a lookup on InterNic, and make a complaint or whatever).
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    Get a personal firewall such as Zone Alarm to block all of those pop up spams from Windows Mesenger...
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    yeah i dont think removing it is the thing to do besides its not necessary.

    just go to control panel>>administrative >>services

    find messenger. double click it then stop the service and change the start up type to manual.
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    Originally posted here by Tedob1
    yeah i dont think removing it is the thing to do besides its not necessary.

    just go to control panel>>administrative >>services

    find messenger. double click it then stop the service and change the start up type to manual.
    It's better to set it to disabled. Setting it to manual will allow it to start automaticly if another service needs it.

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