AO member featured in the news!

I think its great to see this much publicity for the good hackers out there trying to make a difference. Most of what you hear about is crackers... "Hacker deface website", etc.

Finally the media is bringing it out in the publics' eyes that there are many different types of hackers out there. You just don't hear as much about the good guys as you do the bad guys.

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Your Rights Online: A Conference About Spam
Posted by timothy on Monday December 16, @09:56PM
from the universal-convergence dept.
zonker writes "January 17th will be the first (annual?) meeting of the Spam Conference held in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The informal meeting will feature Paul Graham , John Graham-Cumming , John "Cap'n Crunch" Draper among others (possibly including ESR though he hasn't yet confirmed). The free conference will consist of a number of talks about new ways to combat the growing spam problem, after which everyone's going out and getting some Chinese food. Should be an informative and fun meeting and a chance to meet some interesting people."