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Thread: Go to Hell ??? Google........

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    Go to Hell ??? Google........

    First of all I am not anti microsoft
    And I just found this article,,,
    Weirdisms in Google's ranking system are sent to entertain us occasionally, and as we've had this one from a couple of people today, we suspect it's new. But don't blame us if it's not, we lead sheltered lives sometimes.

    Currently, if you type "go to hell" into Google, then Microsoft Corporation, Where do you want to go today? comes first. This is particularly outstanding given that the number two slot is occupied by hell.com itself, which seems to be a very weird site we do not understand (told you we lead sheltered lives).
    Got that link http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/28/27179.html
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    Actually the number one slot goes to www.hell.com.
    Im definitley not pro-microsoft but Microsft dont even feature on the first page of results, dont know about the rest (im not that bored)!

    Google results for 'go to hell'



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    I love google

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    I tried this out six moths ago, and at that time Microsoft came out no. 1. I bet someone at google had a lot of fun hacking this into their software, I guess this is what you call an "easter egg". But when it became widely known, Microsoft probably called google up and asked them about it, and google removed the egg. So now MS is happy, and we're happy because we had a good laugh.

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    Post Microsoft Escapes From Google 'Hell'

    yopu can find an article here http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,105579,00.asp that explains what might have hapened.

    Search engines regulary make changes to their spider, a peice of software that indexes web sites into their database from what I understand. This apears to be what hapened. But I dont know.
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    I personally think they should've kept it like that, it cracked me up. Also it probably got some more traffic to M$ even if it's negative traffic... But Hey, traffic is traffic!
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    Either "go to hell" was in the metatags for the MS web page, or someone at Google configured the query response.

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