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    Smile Linux screenshots

    i have heard great things about linux, and i really want to try it or see a computer with linux instead of windows (stupid piece of $#^*@)!

    If any1 has some screenshots, please either ask me for my email at my PM
    or attach 'em here


    i have already ordered the CD , it will take 3 days to ship, just wanted to see how this looks like.

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    What linux Distro ??

    I don't have screenshots at the moment..
    running windows at work an all..

    but take a look here:
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    Also have a look at www.kdelook.org and themes.freshmeat.net
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    opening febr 5
    linux fans

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    See attached a screenshot of my desktop.

    It isn't normally that blurred, it's just I jpeg'd it to make it smaller.

    The blurred bit on my taskbar is not really there, just something I decided I didn't want on the shot.

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    slarty --

    Try this command to dump your screenshot directly to a .gif file (a bit smaller in size):

    xwd | xwdtopnm | ppmquant 256 | ppmtogif > screen.gif
    I think that should work when you're in X -- possibly even when you're not! I haven't done much playing with it.
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    Nope, I tried gifing it and the file size was even bigger. I tried png too, but that was large. I think it's my fault for having too high a resolution and too many colours (and Antionline's of course, which "happened" to be on my screen)

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    Thank you guys, i hope i have lots of fun working with it also !!

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