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Thread: Linux or Windows graphical interface?

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    Linux or Windows graphical interface?


    Knowing that for "common" people working with Windows is easy than working with Linux, (maybe some of you will say "no", but i mean when installing "drivers" (modules), installig almost everything from normal user will require root permission, etc, etc, etc. and i'm referring to "common" people as the persons that don't have a clue about Linux (and sometimes in Windows neither), but appart from this, why every time i ask someone (friends, at work, relatives, etc.) they always say: "no, Windows (most XP users) has a better graphical interface, it's more beautiful", etc. Every person that doesn't has Linux says the same too me. This "common" persons are "alienated" by Microsoft Windows and i can't imagine them changing to Linux. Why is Windows XP (mostly) preventing "common" people from turning to Linux? Personally i liked Windows XP graphical interface when i first installed it, but it started to boring me after i have installed Linux. A very little example is that i love Mozilla's modern theme (and i haven't proved more themes yet) because Internet Explorer is too common. Windows XP has too brilliant colours and Linux is more... mmm... "opaque". I like it very much.

    What do you think?


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    besides the "looks", i beleive that linux (Red Hat 8.0) is a better HUD because of the way you can change desktops. and then have a certain desktop for each subject or process. but if i was in it for looks, then win XP has to win hands down, cause RH 8.0 is too...boring.

    I run a Win XP and Red Hat 8.0 dual boot.
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    I have RH7, W2K, and WXP. I think installation of devices is better on XP but I like the GUI options on Linux. I will also say I have been playing with Linux off and on for about 4 years and it has come a LONG way towards usability for the "Normal" ( read -> not geek ) user.
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    Hmm...Maybe we should run a "taste test" on the different GUI's!

    (Off camera)
    "Computer A is running KDE with the 'Redmond' theme. Computer B is running Windows XP Home version. Let's see if people can tell the difference!"

    (On Camera)
    "Excuse me sir, would you mind taking a GUI test for me? "
    "Sure, what do I do?"
    "Try out each of these systems, and tell me which one you prefer better."
    "I like computer A. It has a much better look and feel to it. I can access all my menus with a simple right-click!"
    "Would you believe you chose the Linux OS running KDE 3.0?"
    "Holy buckets! I don't believe it. I really did prefer the Linux OS running KDE 3.0!"

    "There you have it, folks. Irrefutable proof that the Linux OS is just the same graphically (if not better) than the competition. Back to you in the studio, Dave!"
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    A better GUI isn't necessarily the prettier one.

    As far as eye candy though... I prefer KDE with the liquid theme, and there are a few different icon sets I like. Overall, Linux desktops are by nature much more configurable. Yes, there are themes for Windows... but they don't come close to the configurability of the linux desktops.

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