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Thread: When computers attack!!

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    When computers attack!!

    hello everyone. I thought I would ask about something I havent seen covered here, or possibly it has been and I missed it. Anyhow, My question is: Have you ever been injured by your computer or its components? This is what happened to me. I was pulling drives and swapping them into another PC and I had the IDE cables laying all about. In the heat of throwing drives around I stepped in an IDE cable and all of those lovely little pins buried themselves into my heel. But it gets better. As I was seeking out a place to find balance I set my hand down on another ide cable on my desk and once again the pins found a home in my flesh! Now I know this could have all been avoided with a proper placement of parts but who has time to play clean up when you are up to your eye brows in toys!! Ok, your turn.
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    Bitten by cases

    I don't think i've ever built a PC, and NOT cut myself on the case (with the exception of my own, but that case cost serious bucks)

    Having said that, it'll be handy if any are stolen, and the police recover them, instant DNA asset tags.

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    ha sry man. that's never happen to me before. I must be the wierd one.
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    The only thing I ever had happen was getting a nasty shock from a monitor when I had a job repairing them. I somehow did not properly ground the monitor to dissipate the charge so it dissipated into me.

    The shock itself didn't hurt to bad, slaming into the wall behind me hurt more. Needless to say once I regained control of my arm I always made sure I had properly grounded everything.
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    Well one time me and my friend decided to have a competition trying to see who can turn the monitor on and off the fastest.....

    Well anyway it set on fire and the shock sent my friend to hospital

    Next week he decided to stick a paperclip in a plug socket in the science lab...

    He's pretty dumb, i know.
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    I once burned myself on a harddisk.
    Had the IDE thingy like lekt0r did..

    Ow and I dunno if it counts solder-irons are a nice way to burn yourself too..

    Ehm.. a CD wich I broke and a peice of it getting into my eye..

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    heh, I have been "bit" by so many cases now that it's not even funny. I have big hands and it's sometimes hard to get your hands in those small places so I usually skin my knuckles or bust a finger open when I start working on a PC.

    I've been shocked by a couple of faulty power supplies before, and even got a pretty hard zap from a monitor that decided it needed to ground itself through me. The thing is with the monitor I wasn't even working on it, the guy next to me was but he was wearing a grounding strap so I have no idea why it decided to hop over to me instead. lol

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    I've been sliced a number of times by computers. I will be putting the thing back togethor and then notice the case or my desk has blood on it. You don't really feel the really thing slices when they happen, but they do bleed.


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    It's always weird when you notice that you cut or scraped yourself and you have no idea how. It happens to me sometimes, but hardly to a leperous extent.
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    I think it is a requirement that every piece of metal in the case or on a rack has to be sharp.
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