Hi everyone and thanks for the replies in my first post, they helped me.

I have a Keylogger that sends mails to an unknown destiny each 15 min.

I can stop the keylogger to continue running -or sending mails- [typing CTRL+ALT+SUPR, and finishing a process called "PFCX.EXE"] which is not a good solution, because I have to do this each time I change the user or Restart my computer, also my family don't know how to do this and teach them will be a waste of time.....

Also I disabled the same file in the start up from msconfig.exe (it showed its location: C:\Windows\system32) but the file continue openning in the start up .....

Then I searched for the file but it doesn't exists..... also I tried whith norton but I found nothing

Please I need help on this.

Thanks Pablo

SORRY, I forgot to say, I have Windows XP