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    Post Pros/Cons Linux...

    Hey I've been hearing alot about Linux vs. Windows lately. I've seen many of the photos threaded by Dark Raider and numerous other things. I've been seaching on anitonline.com and the WWW and really haven't found anything that describes the pros and cons of both Linux and Windows. Does anyone have any sites or no of the pros/cons themselves? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Also, are there any online stores out there where I can buy Linux?...thx....

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    Haven't you got a way to download Linux from ftp sites?, Linux is free!!! If you don't have any way to download it, well, i think you could buy it then...

    I'll point you just one pro for Linux, it's much more configurable (in any of its programs) than any Windows version (remember it's open source). And i don't mean being a programmer, still if you don't know nothing about programming, almost all Linux programs (for example Mozilla) have much more configuration options and preferences than Internet explorer for example. Another little example Mozilla has its own pop-up killer.

    I'll let the rest of the AO members tell you about the pros of Linux and/or Windows.


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    I've found that the site Control-Escape has some good tutorials on Linux and Windows. It also links to one in particular about how to migrate to the Linux platform for long time DOS/Windows users. It's pretty good at showing the differences, and what to expect. The link is actually part of the Linux Documentation Project, which is also a GREAT source of information on many Linux topics.

    The best advice I can give is to start playing with Linux on a second machine or partition so that you still have access to your main Windows system for your work. As you become more comfortable with Linux, start using your Linux box as your primary system, and migrate away from Windows.

    Remember to have patience! The learning curve for Linux can be very steep for some. The whole ideology behind Linux is far different from the Windows environment. Best of luck to you, and keep us posted on your progress.
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    Linux is open source which means the whole internet community can contribute to all software that is developed, therefore making it more suited to your own needs.
    Linux is ALOT more secure than windows, thats if you lock it down well enough. Also the majority of virii, worms, trojans etc. are created to be executed on the windows operating system, so cant touch you if you hvae downloaded one!
    Linus is ALOT more stable than windows, i havent had my linux box crash on me yet! Whereas it was a daily occurance on my windows box (still is at work)
    Linux is preety difficult to get the hang of, because of the various commands used and the filesystem structure, but when you make the switch you'll wonder why you hadnt made it sooner!

    Just my litlle piece!



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    IMHO (These are my opinions)

    PROS (for Linux):
    - Amount of control you have over, well just about everything
    - Visibility of source code
    - Any ethical views you may have which favour Linux.
    - Historically, reliability, although arguably Windows 2000 /Mac os X are probably as reliable on the desktop as Linux
    - Ability to run slimmed down systems on low-end hardware
    - Compatibility with strange and/or old hardware where the vendors don't exist, or don't support those products any more.
    - Ability to prototype embedded systems on the desktop
    - Well supported generally by the industry as a server OS.
    - Huge amount of contributed software for "unusual" applications - particularly networking, network monitoring, security, integration with other (sometimes obsolete) systems.
    - Many security apps written for Linux, and even if ported to commercial OS, either have different licencing terms (tripwire) or work less well (nmap, tcpdump).
    - Fewer viruses exist for Linux (even though it isn't actually immune as some people sometimes suggest)

    CONS (Against Linux / Pro Closed-source commercial systems)
    - GUI difficulties: inconsistent look / feel between apps, Sometimes poor GUI performance/ buggy GUI, copy/paste difficulties.
    - Printing sucks (mostly)
    - Supposedly more difficult to install than other OS
    - Definitely more difficult to configure some things. I have trouble sometimes and I've used it for 8 years.
    - Lack of mainstream commercial desktop apps
    - Lack of commercial games (note: no shortage of open source games, generally less polished and complete than commercial ones though)
    - Antivirus software less well developed (although this situation is rapidly improving)

    Note that I don't believe that Linux is inherently more secure than any commercial OS, even though it's been suggested in the past.

    I think that the reason that *Linux systems* *generally* *are* more secure than, say, Windows is because people hire more idiots to install and secure Windows hence it is less secure. Entirely human factors.

    Also the vulnerability of Windows to worms etc, stems largely from the "monoculture" of machines, i.e. some programs are so ubiquitous that they make attractive targets for worm writers and have such large installed bases that the worms spread very quickly.

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    Thanks! You were a big help.
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    a guy i know remarked to me recently that the fact that Linux is open source is a potential con. this startled me because from reading i gathered that it was a strong point for the OS. his point was that because Linux is open source, anybody can analyse the source and see its weak points. if i remember correctly (because i am too lazy to check) i read something here about an exploit found by the acidbitches? i haven't used Linux much, let alone analyse the source, so i don't qualify to form an opinion of my own.
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    his point was that because Linux is open source, anybody can analyse the source and see its weak points.
    Good point... and thats one that comes up all the time.

    IMO that is a good thing. Becasue people can analyze it and find its weaknesses, they can also fix those weakenesses. If anyone exploits a linux weakness, you can be sure that there'll be a fix out in a very short period of time... if not hours.

    If anyone exploits a closed source OS, then the consumer has to wait for the manufacturer to fix the problem...

    I have been using linux for about 2 years now, and I'm still learning it. I must say, its a geeks OS. It was so hard at first to understand what I was doing, but now I'm getting the hang of it.

    There is SO much documentation and support groups out there that its rediculous. I have yet had a problem that I've brought to the Linux community and had trouble finding an answer for. I can't completely switch to a Linux OS because of work and school, but I am using it more and more for my everyday activities.

    my $.02
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