1. Attachment Bug

Originally posted here by Terr
One thing to add:
What if someone posted a file in the AO addicts forum, do the same board restrictions apply to the file if it is listed on the person's profile page?

Ditto for similar site permissions.
This got me thinking, and I went off and did some testing. It seems that any attachment you upload (this includes attachments in private messages) can be viewed from your profile, as long as it is one of the Top 5 most downloaded attachments you have uploaded to the site. Any attachment that has been uploaded to this site can also be viewed by simply inserting a number into the URL that links to attachments.

2. Sidebar in Private Messages
Just that if the user has a location (or similar) that is longer than the width of the box, the box will stretch to fit what the user has inserted, rather than inserting spaces as it does in the forums.