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Thread: Strange corruption with highlight !

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    Strange corruption with highlight !

    & highlight=newbie+looking+stupid+ask+smart+question

    to the url of an AO page does something unexpected !!

    the edit function of AO did this to the url itself.. I just added to the highlite wich was origionaly highlight=newbie+question the other keywords with a + inbeween them. the extra space ( %20 ) and
    ( with the extra space also being a %20 ) was (is) automaticaly added..

    nice example !! http://www.antionline.com/showthread...smart+question

    it only works if you have the exact length of &highlight=newbie+looking+stupid+ask+smart+question behind the url in the ao thread editor.

    origionaly discovered here..

    seems to be something to have to do with automatic shortening and url parsing. but what ??
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    Thanks for this info.

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