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Thread: Just three little questions...

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    Just three little questions...


    1) In Windows XP, when i open the "Windows" Explorer (not IE) the status bar is not showed yet (i mean the bar showed below Windows Explorer where it says some descriptions and the size of the file you're marking), so i go to View/Status bar, i "activate" it and then the status bar appears below, but then if i reboot the PC and open again Windows Explorer the status bar has gone and i have to "activate" it everytime i reboot my PC and open Windows Explorer. Is there a way to leave the status bar "activated" continuously?

    2) When i open Internet Explorer and go to "Favorites" there's a folder called "links". If i delete this folder it goes away obviously but if i reboot the PC, open IE and goes to "Favorites" the folder is again there. Can i delete this folder permanently?

    3) I know this point could be in the "bugs" forum but i'll make use of this thread to ask if someone knows why when seeing threads in the "Location:" or "Reason:" (of mood) lines some frases have a "space" between some of its words, for example in the_JinX's (AO member) mood reason it says: "I'm happy living together with my girlfrie nd and having a descent job ", why does the word "girlfriend" has an space between "e" and "n" letters? (If this bug is explained somewhere or in another thread please tell me to read it).

    Thank you very much.

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    1) No. Unless there's a registry hack that I don't know about (always possible of course).
    2) Ditto 1.
    3) Maybe he just typed it wrong (Could be wrong again).
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    3) JP did that because some people were typing really really really long one-word things and making the viewing of a thread screw up. There was a thread about it already, twice or three times even, but I don't have time to look them up. There's your answer, though.

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    (If this bug is explained somewhere or in another thread please tell me to read it).
    Ok. Go read it.

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    Question 1) Mine stays activated, but I always turn off remember each folders view setting, customize my view like I want it...turn on all bars, show extenstions, show hidden files, etc and then I set all folder view with the like current folder button. You might want to give that a shot and see if it works for you. (located in tools - folder options)

    Question 2) Never experimented with the Links folder so I do not know but would guess that it is a "self healing" feature of IE?


    Did a little experimentation with the links folder. I found that this folder is auto created if you have the links toolbar option turned on. If you remove that option then the folder will not be autocreated. As soon as you turn that feature back on the links folder is also re-created. You can turn of the links option by right clicking on your address bar and unchecking it or by going to view-toolbars and unchecking it there.
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