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    Post Security of the future...

    I came upon a newspaper article the other day on the future development on
    internet/computers. I then came upon another article on the innovations of the future but this one had to do with one of the dominant worldwide corporations, Microsoft, and its ups/downs over this past year:

    And while 2002, as Gates said, "had its share of ups and downs," there were many positives to take away. Running through a short list, Gates highlighted advances in wireless technology, namely Wi-Fi; advances in the price/performance ratio; readability in LCDs; progress in digital camera technology; and low-cost storage.
    Microsoft, clearly posing a significant role in the course of development(along with other businesses)-of the internet applications and other programs to boost our world into the future, had many advancements technologically. This got me thinking...If these products-in the quote- represent just a few of the accomplishments and changes that have occured this past year, how might the face of the internet and security change over the course of a decade or so?

    I figured it would be a good question to ask on anti-online because of all the smart people here. I'm just interesting on your thoughts and comments about this...Thx
    Here's is the site where I got the quote from. It doesn't provide the answer to my question but has a pretty funny scenario at the end of it---check it out.

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    how might the face of the internet and security change over the course of a decade or so?
    There was an interesting article about the security threats that we might face in the next 5 years based on trends from the last five in the November Information Security magazine. The article is located here: http://www.infosecuritymag.com/2002/...ghtmares.shtml
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