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Thread: Setting up DNS at home

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    Setting up DNS at home

    hey everybody, i hope you all are doing well. I have a question on setting up dns at home. I have cable internet at home
    therefore it is a dynamic IP address. I read some old posts about Dynamic DNS, but i believe that this wont work if i want to use
    my own domain name(myname.com). Please correct me if i am wrong. I am running RH8.0 and of course will be using Apache.
    What do i need to do to host my own site. If you know of any good tutorials out there please let me know. Also i think that BIND could accomplish this for me. But I heard that it is really buggy. Any comments about that? Also what do you think about DJBDNS?

    I appreciate your help

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    Hey I'm not quite clear on what you are looking for but I looked around and came up with a few site that should help you out:

    This site basically describes the way to get DNS and how it works. There are also a few links on it that should lead you to where you want to go.

    I found this and along with a tutorial that is found down toward the bottom of the page it has some other software and DNS tips. It also provides support and training with you might want to check out.

    DNS and BIND is about one of the Internet's fundamental building blocks: the distributed host information database that's responsible for translating names into addresses, routing mail to its proper destination, and many other services. As the authors say in the preface, if you're using the Internet, you're already using DNS--even if you don't know it.
    I also bought this book on DNS and BIND which was very helpful for me at least. ---I didn't want to start my own thread for this so I will include in this.---Also on the web site includes various resource centers for Perl, Java, Python, C/C++, etc...(for you people out there who are interested in these topics)

    As I mentioned above, I was unsure of what you were looking for, but I hope this helped you.

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    Bind is the most widely used and cos of that many bugs had been reported and patched in the mean time. www.cert.org & www.sans.org refer some security issue for it.

    Anyway, I don't think your ISP will let you send some DNS database exchanges. It should only allow DNS resolution request!

    But who knows, ISP is a blackhole world with very few concern about security issue (e.g have a look on the excellent Gibson page about a DDoS attack and the no reaction from ISP www.grc.com )
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    thanks guys for your replies but accordin to jagfire perhaps i didnt explain myself properly. I havent looked at all the links but
    what i am trying to do is host my own website with my own domain name. How exactly would i do this. Are there any good tutorials that anyone is familiar with. It probably wont be business related but just for my own knowledge of knowing how this is done, so i dont think the ISP will have a problem.

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    I know my Cable company blocks the ports for DNS resolution so that you can look up DNS entries, but other people cannot connect to your site. They also block common ports for incoming http, POP3 and SMTP traffic.

    I have heard that services such as http://dns2go.deerfield.com/ will allow you to bypass these restrictions.
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    I'd run with Jarrod's suggestion.

    I host my own private email server on a personal domain from my own house. The cable company kept changing my IP and the resulting change to the registration took 24-72 hours. I am in the fortunate position of being the sysadmin at work and we host our own dns records. Thus I finally decided that I would host the primary nameserver at work so I could instantly change the IP when the cable company changed it. I was hosting the secondary there too but as a result of this thread I did an nslookup against my home server only to find that they have indeed blocked dns...... a$$H0le$....

    So now I'll just set up the secondary zone on work's secondary nameserver and have done with it.......
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    In order to have your own domain and your own web page you do not have to have your computer transform into a webhost or a carrier. Look around for webhosting sites, there are free and others of with very low rates.

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    with a dynamic address you need to use a sub-domain naming service like dynip.com out of canada. you place a client on your server that reports you current ip address to the naming service. they point your domain name to whatever ip addy you happen to have at the moment.
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    DNS at Home

    Check out this site
    and also the news groups
    at news://news.grc.com

    Great places for Personal DNS servers at home....or an office
    This is a Wndows Port of Bind 9 and it works very well
    You have to understand command line editing and how to
    edit the config files using either Wordpad or Notepad

    If you have a linux background or have been playing with
    computers since the days of DOS 6 or before...this should
    be a piece of cake.
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