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Thread: Folding@Home!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Folding@Home!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to remind everyone that we(AO) have had a folding@home team since August and that we can use all the help we can get there. We have 842 work units done and are in 442nd place. We'd appreciate any help we can get in improving these numbers. Won't you help, today?? Do it for the children(I don't know what I mean by that but it sounds good ).

    Here is our stats page:

    Here's where you can sign up, our team ID# is 11416:

    Lots of discussion about distributed computing and the historical record of the teams triumphant formation in this thread:http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=235647

    And a hearty thankyou to all the new members
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    Speaking of distributed networks, there is an AO seti@home team also. It looks like it was started a while back, then forgotten. I recently joined, and am earning my own. There's no contest, ranking, or anything like that. The only reward is the chance to find 'little green men'.


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    Damn... I forgot that I was still doing that. You can't notice a difference on your PC. The program does a good job of making sure of that. I have it running on a lower end PC that I use for "intranet web server". It isn't on all the time, but for only being on when I'm on the PC, it isn't doing too bad...

    Mabye I can put it on the rest of em. The only thing is... I don't like keeping all my PCs on all the time. Its a horible waste of energy... but sure keeps the rooms warm.
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    Looks like a good cause to me....count me in!
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    As you can see I'm in too, wih 2 puters the_JinX and JinXyBoy both are not on permanently but I'm contributing and that's what counts.

    This is the kind of project where you can give a gift the whole world can benifit from.
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    I have also be a member of SETI@Home and made a site for my group. Recently we decided to give shirts to our members, please join our group much info displayed on my signature. Go to this page where you wil find a guide that say how to become member of our group. Recently tyger_claw has became member and Trust_Not_123 is going to become. Support us and find the answer to the biggest question: "Are there aliens?"
    Thank you.

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    I'd rather be looking for ET than mucking about with proteins, bear with me ii-monk, i'll join the happy gang over the next day or so.

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    You're welcome. Contact me via my e-mail sebastos@freemail.gr.

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    we're about even with someone...
    we've been hovering around 356 for a week or so now. this should be difficult to reach the top 100 with so many good teams we're competing with. heck google alone has quite a few teams.

    thankyou to our folding@home members, as well as seti@home and any other AO distributing team.

    remember: if universities get the knowledge before businesses, the results are available free to everyone. if a company beats us to it, they own the rights and can charge for eaach use. we can't let this happen!
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    Re: Folding@Home!!!!!!!

    I'm in too, with 1 puter not on permanently but I'm contributing also!
    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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