I'm a retired electronics engineer.
After retiring I went back to school and recieved
a degree of Master of Science in Computer Science
CSUN '94. Earlier on I obtained a BS(Physics) RPI '53.
I have a General Class Amateur Radio License, WA6TOJ.
Also a First Class RadioTelephone Operators License.
I'd like to know more mathematics so I dabble a bit in
Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory,
Combinatortics, and whatever.
I like to read stuff on Theoretical Physics at the laymans level.
Nevertheless, I feel quite ignorant in all the above, it's like the more
you learn the more you become aware of your shortcomings.
My website is http://duanecooper.0catch.com .
You can email me at djc314159@socal.rr.com .
At my website you can download the implementation code for
the programming language Scheme. This is an experimental version
and is not for general programming, where MITSCHEME is much better.
Included in the code is a DOS extender. The file is issued under the
GNU Public license, i.e. it's free. The code is written in assembly language,
so for those so inclined, the free DOS extender may be of interest even if
you're not interested in XSCHEME as I call it.

Well, that's about it in a nutshell.

Yours Truly,
Duane Cooper