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Thread: Santa considering switch to Linux

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    Santa considering switch to Linux

    From the North Pole:

    Citing concerns about security and licensing costs, Santa Claus is considering migrating his computer systems from Microsoft Windows to Linux.

    With several thousand computers and the largest database in the world, Santa's Workshop is one of the largest and most important clients for Microsoft. It is expected that the software maker will do whatever it takes to keep Claus in their corner.

    "If some naughty kid was able to break into my systems and change his status to nice then the whole integrity of the Claus empire would be called into question," said Kringle. "I also have to watch out for the Easter Bunny. He's always trying to muscle in on my territory. If he were able to compromise my database and get access to my client list, then we might be celebrating Christmas in April."
    Full story here.
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    . I also heard he threatened to move Gates and Ballmer to the Naughty List."
    LOL.....(santa..how about you put kernel 2.6 on your list..by the end of the year ..he he..he)
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    too late! Santa's already switched to Macs

    i will shoot you so hard.

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