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Thread: prevent from being hack?

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    prevent from being hack?

    hello every have a question?
    how can you make sure that your computer is hack free w/c, means no one can hack your system?
    what will be the possible way to prevent from being hack?
    what software that i can buy to protect my system?
    how do they hack your computer?
    what possible solution that i can make when im being hack?

    thanks in advance
    pls. forgive me for asking so much question it's my nature to ask question to gain knowldege

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    Easy / Fast Solution is to install a firewall like tinywall or ZoneAlarm, some personal firewalls are free and some cost money..

    Hacking can be done in soooo many ways, mostly its kiddies with a lame program...

    check www.zonealarm.com for a free software firewall..

    one thing you can do is to write the offenders ISP
    Do a whois on his ip using http://www.geektools.com/cgi-bin/proxy.cgi then find the abuse@service-provider.tld email and send a email there with the logs from the firewall

    In my case doing a whois on i found out that
    remarks: +---------------------------------------+
    remarks: | For abuse and security issues contact |
    remarks: | csirt@csirt.dk, http://www.csirt.dk |
    remarks: +---------------------------------------+

    i should contact csirt@csirt.dk

    Hope this helps you =)
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    how can you make sure that your computer is hack free w/c, means no one can hack your system?
    This is impossible! If someone really wanted to hack into your system, with the right skills and knowledge, they could, no matter what measures you have to taken to secure your system!

    what will be the possible way to prevent from being hack?
    Firstly make sure you have applied ALL patches that have been realeased for your operating system. Secondly install a good firewall and close ALL ports that you do not really need. Thirdly install good Anti-Virus software, as well as maybe a trojan scanner and update these on a regular basis.

    what software that i can buy to protect my system?
    I personally use Nortons internet security on windows box, which contains Anti-Virus software as well as a personal firewall, which will lock down your box securely enough, when configured correctly.

    how do they hack your computer?
    Well there are various different ways a so called hacker can compromise your system.

    By using a trojan horse to gain access to your system, its a simple matter of you opening what may apper to be a legitimate attachment, which is really a server of a trojan. Once you open this the so called hacker would then have full access to your system and could do whatever they please.
    By scanning your IP address for open ports, seeing what services are running on those ports then finding exploits for those services.

    what possible solution that i can make when im being hack?
    If your system has been compromised, disconnect from the internet, pull the plug on your modem, then do a full system scan with your AV and trojan scanning software and delete all suspicious file found.

    Those are just a few pointers that should get you on your way to securing your box and making the internet a safer place!



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    I simply firewall like it's no-body's business, and keep an Up-to-day AV and Trojan scanner....
    Besides that, the best thing is simply to disconnect

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    who needs a firewall when you have netstat and *Disconnect from internet* button
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    Question On Hacking

    Is there a program that will show your ports being sniffed. I mean one that you can watch like visual trace?


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    This is a very old thread that should have died a long time ago. If you need to ask a question, start your own thread if you can't find the answer elsewhere.

    As for your question, just about any decent firewall will tell you when you're being scanned. I happen to like Sygate. It's free for personal use, just search for it.
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    Do you feel Zone Alarm is a good Firewall? I liked McAfee for visual Trace but it gave me too many problem. I switch to Norton but there are still so many holes. I'm just a rookie at this but it is great fun. And Damned interesting. I take a course in Network security and my instructor recommended this site. So here I am. And I'm a sponge looking to learn. Is that okay with you?
    Thanks for the reply.

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    Man u are going very fast,learn slowly and thoroughly

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    Zoe alarm is the best 4both newbies and advanced users

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