Greetings all,

A few ways to improve the spirit in world cup cricket.
1.Have girls in bikinis walk around the grounds to announce the overs.
2.Use midgets in place of wickets..(More accurate decisions, and to get rid of the crackling sound of broken willow.)
3.Use Jonty Rhodes to lead the team with a hymn of a song as tea break is being taken.
4.Beers to be awarded for runs and wickets taken. (Some people might end up very thirsty or outspoken.)
5.Introduce some Khoikhoi people into a side. This will add some fun to pronounce the names for commentators. (A Khoikhoi person is our more commonly known Bushmen tribes.)Please feel free to add your own. No offense to anyone.

On a more serious note who do you guys think is a good contender to win the world cup in 2003.???For me SA.