Hello folks, yet another n00bie has dropped in amongst you to learn as much as possible. Heard about this site from alt.2600 (where I currently lurk until I learn more) and after looking around the site it looks like I'll be doing a good bit of learning here. Currently I work in retail (if that matters) as the tech job market in my area currently stinks. I have an Associate degree in Network Systems Administration so I'm a bit familiar with some of the things that are discussed here. Knowledge wise I'm familiar with pretty much every version of Windows except XP (not that says much), SCO UNIX, BeOS, Linux (Mandrake and Red Hat), Open VMS, Solaris and some others that I haven't used in quite some time. I try and keep up with vulnerabilities and make sure that my systems are patched as much as possible. Although I must admit with some operating systems that's easier than others.